Thursday, December 1, 2011

3rd Day; Continuation

Be prepared with this sophisticated bed, a common used bed in ICU and CCU ward (actually it just a simple bed if you how to use and modify it properly)

A hectic day.

#Less learn new thing (Because of SN tagging with me not that friendly as yesterday one)

#Here some of the reasons why lack and less time to learn new things.
-Send patient for choros (for coronory angiogram; which a test for whole heart being inspect under x-ray. Patient will be under LA, local anaesthesia(bius setempat) and usually take only for half an hour, but depend on patient whether have any complication or not)
-Actually I just make my note on patient to go for angiogram @ for choros, but I need to stop and the send patient to the OT, operation theater first.
-Finish from that; need to handle one uncle that restless, lack of cooperation given and always B.O and P.U.. (need to change pampers 3 to 4 times in one shift) + haphazard wire of ECG, nasal prong, Spo2 reader, etc. Just imagine.

# An exhausted day. Less learn new thing does not mean a bad day. It was a beautiful day to serve 3-4 elderly with heart. Serve like they are our parents.

#Makes me think of humanity, empathy, and kindness. Again, communication skill is vital here. Patience is the best allowance, and of course honesty is the best policy.

Moral of the day:
-Keep writing although it just a few sentences.
-Keep sharing to keep in touch with the word 'caring'.

1st December 2011,
Mohd Nuruddin Mohamed,
Mujamma' Siddiq Radiyallahu 'anhu

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