Thursday, December 1, 2011

2nd Day; Adaptation

CRIB what it is? Hey, how long you have been in ward? You're final year right?.
Em, sorry Staff Nurse, actually we are going posted in several hospital and every hospital use their own acronym for... Oh, ok, ok. Understood. CRIB is Complete rest in bed. This patient is bla bla bla bla bla.. Wooo, actually this Sister (staff nurse/ SN) is very friendly and explained a lot of new things to me. She just seems fierce and strict in the beginning.

For Coros = For Angiogram

#Also learned how to dilute and prepared Dopamine from diluting until setup to the transfusion set (Dopamine is one of inothrope? others can be adrenaline or dobutamine, correct me if the spelling is wrong). Function of inothrope is to increase low blood pressure (BP) -

#Quiry about Antioxidant: Sodium metabisulphite 10mg in 5ml of Dopamine hydrochloride. What is it for? Then my best friend said it was a preservative to prevent dopamine from any damage. Thanks =)

#Got to know 1 patient with terrible history of life and horrific worldview (abuse, nepotisme, kronisme, money manipulating, etc). Take note for the betterment of the Ummah to strengthening the right way of life, al-Islam.

#A good and nice SN that I was tagged with taught me with patience on PR interval, what it is, how to count it, what is the normal reading of it
(0.12-0.20 = normal sinus rhythm)
(<60 heart beat/ minute = sinus bradycardia)
(>100 heart beat/ minute = sinus tachycardia)

#Learn also about ECHO. In a simple way, echo is purposely to look at cardiac wall motion, valve anatomical, and also on EF (ejection fraction of heart). For heart movement usually classified into 5 term, either one.
-Normal = ok la..
-Hypokinetic = less cardiac movement
-Akinetic = no movement
-Dyskinetic = unsymmetrical movement
-Aneurysm = to see on enlarge artery

#Last but not least, always have homework.
-Interprate ECG
-Get to know on the disease of one patient with holistic care and proper treatment should be prepare on.
-What is Echo preparation (before the procedure)?

Moral of the day:
Keep work, keep forward,
Keep low,
Your potential will bring you up to the sky regardless how many thousands obstacles waiting.
Istiqamah will defeat everything!

30th November 2011,
Mohd Nuruddin Mohamed,
Mujamma' Siddiq Radiyallahu 'anhu

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