Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1st day; Orientation

CCU (Coronary Care Unit)

-8 Room
-CVS Problem
-A lot of angioplasty related.
-Echo room
-1 Shift 4 people work (all have post-basic in critical care)
-Sponging, bed making, linen, etc for patients on 4am.

#Friday present 1 case (Homework for wednesday and thursday)

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

-Must done hand washing before enter
-Have 3 sister incharge
-17 beds + 4 beds for cardiothoracic + 2 beds for isolation
-Have 3 fridge for different medical purposes
-Also have ABG machine analysis
-Feeding room (to prepare milk and TPN? for patient)
-APS room (acute pain service). Control and run for all hospital requirement. 3 SN incharge, specialist in it.
-Utility room (what special with this?) Nothing, but important for hygiene.
-Usually 9am-11am time for Dr round. Student can follow Dr round to learn more on patient condition and treatment.

** Common routine;
-Passing over
-Give medication
-Ward round
(although look boring or too simple, but we learn a lot from this since we have different patient with different condition and different background) So here, knowledge and communication skill is vital!
** A very big ICU ward.


-Oncology ward
-Oncology clinic
-Day care (on chemo, palliative care, radiotherapy)

- Passing report
- Bed making (must DONE GLOVE, precaution on wasted or unknown sources chemo drug)
- 28 beds (13 male, 15 female) + 2 isolation room
- Management; use in-charge runner (not team leader)
- Have special chemo nurse
- ** Treat the symptomatic before give chemo because patient need to be in stable condition before undergo chemo treatment.

That's all for first day reflective diary in educational hospital. What hospital is this? A good teaching hospital insyaAllah.

29th November 2011,
Mohd Nuruddin Mohamed,
Mujamma' Siddiq Radiyallahu 'anh.

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