Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weeks Coming Reminders

Night News: Latest Update For our Best Class! Future Leader of The Ummah, Torchbearers For The ummah, Guided by Quran and Sunnah.

WEEK 5 (10-16/10) : Successfully ended! Congrats all! Keep fighting.

WEEK 6 (17-23/10) :
(1)Submit written assignment for Oncology [4123] Presentation for Group 1 and Group 2 (Breast Ca. & Lung Ca.). On Monday 17/10 ya. (oh..tq remind me Nur Azira Hamzah)
(2)Submit Hardcopy for Management [4144] Presentation with Sr. Meriati n Sr. Lee (after top-up, adds-on and rectify). On Wednesday 19/10 (if not mistaken). Tq Lily Nur Aqmar 4 reminder) Any changes will be update by Lily on this.
(3) 2nd NANSYM 21-23/10. Congrats all for ur work hard. may Allah ease our work and bless us with this burden as 'Ibadah for Him. (renew our intention is essential)

WEEK 7 (24-30/10) : Post NANSYM.[issues In Nursing, 4113] Submit our written theory assignment that have been presented before. INDIVIDUAL work assignment ya..1500 words if not mistaken (correct me if i give wrong info 4 this assignment)

WEEK 8 (31/10-6/11) :
(1) Mid-term Exam Week. I'm still not get the schedule yet. Will be update after this.
(2) Critical Care, 4112. Submit INDIVIDUAL assignment on study case (refer to photocopy given on instruction 4 individual assgment n group presentation). DATELINE on 31/10, Monday ya..

WEEK 9 (7-13/11) : Happy Midterm Break. Eid Mubarak, Happy Eidul-Adha. Oii, raya 6/11 laa..ok. Don't forget our beloved assignments waiting 4 submission on 10th week. Raya Korban perlukan pengorbanan, apapun, rebahkan lembu dulu ya Muhammad albarra'Ayub Al-Banna. 14/11 tuh start again ya. Sorry, not start again. It's almost over. SUBMISSION!

WEEK 10 (14-20/11) :
(1) Submit INDIVIDUAL assignment for Issues in Nursing, 4113. 3000 words. "Nursing Practice Model....."
(2) Submit INDIVIDUAL assignment for Oncology written, 4123. 3000 words. "Professional & Legal Issue"
(3) Submit Research Proposal by INDIVIDUAL. Refer our supervisor n research Coordinator.
(4) Prepare for Presentation on; the article for literature review. Research, 4153. By INDIVIDUAL.
(5) Submit INDIVIDUAL assignment for Management, 4144. 2000-3000 words. "Nursing Delivery System".
(6) Anymore???? I hope not for a this time.

WEEK 11 (21-27/11) : Prepare Critical Care, 4112. Group presentation (4 group already divided ya).. Allah..ease our our life in seeking knowledge for the sake of YOU..

WEEK 12 - WEEK 15 (28/11-25/12) : CLINICAL POSTING!!

WEEK 16 - WEEK 18 (26/12-15/1/2012) : FINAL EXAM!!!

WEEK 19 - WEEK 21 (16/1/2012-5/2/2012) :

WEEK 1 (6/2-12/2) : NEW SEMESTER 2 Begin!!! Prepare for our Research Proposal Presentation (if i'm not mistaken, subject to change with updates from DR LIY)

Fii amanillah. Siiru 'ala barakatillah!. Let's work on this tough semester. Enjoy this. May Allah endow us with flying colours tomorrow by go through all these. Sorry for late update and any inconveniences.

with full respect and regards,

Mohd Nuruddin Mohamed.
KON Year 4, Gen V 2008-2012.


Mohd. Ramadan Bin Ab.Hamid said...

Sungguh busy tuan nuruddin.. :)

Ammu Nafi' wa 'Asim said...

Itu baru jadual kelas Tuan Ramadhan. Ini sikit sahaja, orang lain yang betul-betul bekerja dan berkhidmat jauh berkali-kali ganda lebih sibuk dari ini. Doakan buat ana moga Allah permudahkan dalam kesibukan yang nampak lagi-lagi yang terlindung ini ya Tuan Ramadhan yang mulia =)

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