Monday, October 31, 2011

Other People, Things, Ideas


Mohd. Ramadan Bin Ab.Hamid said...

Lets talk about ideas.. :)

Ammu Nafi' wa 'Asim said...

Yeah. Idea of self-improving, self-projection to gain His Please, our Prophet's love. This is the biggest idea and aspiration of all Muslims, may Allah bless us with this greatest idea. Idea to meet Him with His Mercy, love, enjoy and full of cherish from Him on His Day of Judgement. Isn't great idea rite brother Ramadhan? =)

blogvisitor said...

let me help bro ramadhan to answer. Yes,absolutely great! =)

Bagusnya blog ni, macam baca surat khabar, hari2 ada edisi baru.

tpi..kdg2 terkebil-kebil jgk tgk gambar yg tak berkata2.

"picture tells thousand of words"-applicable for artistic interpreter, but not for all blog readers(IMO)

I realized that u r talented in expressing ideas in artistic & descriptive words by reading your previous posts. That was so STYLE, especially for male writers. So, write it out bro!

Selamat Maju Jaya! {|=)~

Mohd. Ramadan Bin Ab.Hamid said...

Yup..! thanks to both of you.. ;)

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