Saturday, October 22, 2011

Buatmu Teman (Just for you guys)

Tengku Faris Syafiq (Msc in USM), missed you so much with your good example and inspiring words. Izzat Md Kamal, Wan Ashraf Wan Naim, Wan Safwan Wan Salleh good luck for your incoming final exam for year 5 in mansourah. Wan Saifullah Wan Abdul Ghani, really missed your words for enlighten.

Abdul Rahman Al-Azmi thanks for your persistence, keep me up and help me a lot, just Allah can grant you best. Mujahid Amar, may Allah ease your way insyaAllah. Rayyan Abdul Rahim and Abdul Razak Ahmad, really Allah save the best for the last for you and for sure He will grant us if we find for His eye's upon us. Syazwan Ma'arof, Syamil Zahari, always being friends of smile and throw away all the pesissimist thinking.Azrol, with strict and strong principle.

Nik Fathullah, keep the good example shown by our Prophet's. Nurasyrafuddin, you are great in your own way, keep up brother, Allah always with you. Wan Aizuddin and Ibrahim, always smile and optimist. As'ad Husnan cool and steady. Sayed Saufi Fahmi never give up. Sharif Ahmad always creative and outspoken, good teammate and achiever.

Zool Amali, Zaki Sukery, and Azuhan, barakallahulakuma wa baraka 'alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair with your new life in this coming November. Bukhari and Hilmi, always cheer me up. Ustaz Rushdi and Imran Ahmad, always remind me to Allah. Aminuddin bright face with bright heart one's.

Too much to address. Next time insyaAllah also for others who also have clear picture that we are just a slave of Allah, and He's too kind and generous for us giving all and everything just free. Let us say syukur and pay our everyday debt with Allah on our flesh and skeletal by keep doing good deeds and prevent from His forbidden. May Allah bestow us with his Mercy and Rahmah forever. Ighfirlana ya Allah, ighfirlana ya Allah, Ighfirlana ya Allah ya Ghofur, wastur 'uyubana, wastur 'uyubana, wastur 'uyubana ya arhamarrahiminn..birahmatika ya arhamarrahimin..


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Amin,amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

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urm, so sorry for not being a gud friend..btway, u r a great friend

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