Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Temerloh to Kuantan

Last Day at K4, Multidiscipline O&G. (24th September 2010)

- Register name at census book. (Can be understood as another way of punch card for Nursing student in the ward). Today is a Friday. Go into ward after listening with full concentration is quite something awesome inspirited for my soul.

- Imam at Masjid Paya Pulai Temerloh present a good point of Friday sermon for me. Talking about who is the real mukhsirin (orang-orang yang rugi) in this world. It make sense for me because of one ahadith that tell about three group of people being throw into the hell. The first: People who is in jihad. Second: People who the Holy Quran. Third: People who give sadaqah @ alms. These three type of people will be put in the Hell not because of what except they are doing good things but the things is for their fame. In the Name of ALLAH, I fear to be put in anyone of these three type group of people.

- Inevitably we must try to do all these three act, but not for others intention. It must totally for the only ONE, Allah. All and everything is just for Him.

- Friday sermon just can be interesting if the khatib try to give the sermon from his heart, then it will touch the audience heart. Although the khatib unintentionally said that today is the last week of Ramadan, but people who conscious can easily detecting the wrong in the sermon? Oh my... we need more well prepared and well equipped people to present the beauty of Islam!

- It’s like battery full charged when going into ward with full spirit to serve for others, to be a good people to all, to smile for all, to be a real role model as taught by our beloved Prophets. That’s the importance of tazkirah, reminder, khutbah and all kind of good words. Khutbah especially because it works as a field of the Imam to rectify, to recharging Iman of all the residence, and give a new information about what happened in Islamic world all around today.

- But, unfortunately Imam and Masjid institute have been double standardly serve by our authorities and our so called national leader of the Ummah! They just put basic requirement to be an Imam is just a n SPM. How can just SPM requirement to lead the society? Again, the Zionist plan smoothly worked. Let Imam and religious institute (especially Islam) being freezed, left behind and no people like to contribute to it.

- Oh, already too much being talk about the introduction. Sorry, i’m still in the mood of Children in Islam assignment.

- What I learned and share in ward today is more about calculation, asking, observing, listen on management planning, finish my ward assignment (clerking patient, hu although not complete) and breaking the ice with the JMP students.

- Oh, I just know that my style of ward requirement is not that competent. Yes I know bachelor is for another step for in deep studies about nursing in science, with all should reasoning. But i’m quite really feel shame with JMP (community nursing students) that they already learned to handle and received baby in the labour room.

- If medical student need at least 10-15 baby to received to get cross in their posting, but JMP students need to get 30 babies to pass their exam! Oh...

- Really, if I become a Minister or any Manager of health department, I will try to extend my college or University or might be level for all bachelor nursing students to at least get received 30 babies in their posting.

- Haha, who want to make me as a Dean or Minister if I have ‘this’ idea to be implemented? This means, Faculty of Nursing like in my university need to extend up to 5 years of studies. Oh, I like it, lol, =). It’s a good way for another step of lifting up Nursing grades and value of bachelor graduates. And it really helps for an idea of changing this faculty to the block system as proposed before. Oh, how can I dream this in a way going to Kuantan under the shining moon of this blessed 15th syawal. Oh, may Allah bless all of us with a good dream for the Ummah.

- Em, maybe somebody read this idea want to apply it. Yeah, you can apply it if you have the authoirites. Maybe I’m already died before this idea being implemented, at least I leave some good legation for others to work on and make it real. I hope it can be my amal hasanah (good deed) for my rewards in hereafter if it can be a beneficial idea to brainstormed and worked on. *Kak Hum, kak fiy, kak mar, kak dayah, kak lisa, kak tiq, khai and all muslim nurses leader all around the world, please take note on my idea. All of us are realizer for what we dream. Rite?

- Oh come reflection diary can be a presentation of future idea for triple ICE of nursing field? Triple ICE is IIICE= Islamization, Internationalization, Integration and Comprehensive Excellence. That’s my University’s Vision for the betterment of the Ummah.
- Oh, ok. Already arrived at Kuantan now. Bye all. Love all.

- *Still have story about some scene in my ward and what I learned from JMP and Winfield College students in these 4 days in Kenanga 4. Keep it for another day, it’s already reached near 1000 words. Hu.

- Bye! Let’s Qiam at Indera Mahkota 2 tonite. Make it as energy for our soul to wake up early everyday to see our love, ALLAH!!!

Mohd Nuruddin Mohamed,
955 Journey Along Temerloh to Kuantan,
24th September 2010,

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