Thursday, September 23, 2010

BTL? Kasi?

2nd Day in O&G (22nd September 2010)

- As usual, exist in ward 5 minutes before 7.00am, pass report until 7.45am. Nothing interesting today because i’m almost being kick out from the ward. Just prepare to be change to another ward (in case instructed by the authorities). Something happened at high management or maybe it is just a matter of personal point of view. The good is, I really not keen to be here. The bad is, I’ll lost chances to learn something that I might not be here forever after this. Psychiatric or paediatrics? Hee, ENT and dental still in list.

- Em..just to share about... I got 1 patient. Female? Of course...this is antenatal and postnatal ward.

- 48yrs old, full time housewife, G11P10 (gravida 11 para 10). Means, 11th pregnancy with already having 10 children alive or dead.

- Admitted because of GDM (adviced by specialist to be admitted).

- 48yrs is quite elderly. Some proposed her to do BTL, but she resist due to ignorance. What is BTL? Bilateral tubal ligation or in a laymen term malay called ‘kasi’.

this video might help you to know how the procedure being done. Know the terminology is very basic. Ok, stop here for another assignment and body rest requirement.

***Lesson for today? Never stop read,read,read,read,read read and read and share something to others although it seem might not interesting to others, it might be useful for others. Taqwa can’t be complete without knowledge and wisdom. To get knowledge and wisdom, reading is the best way. Never forgot to recite,read the Quran and other knowledge. If stomach need food to life, same goes to heart that need knowledge and wisdom to life. Imam Ghazali said, somebody who take for granted to get any knowledge and wisdom in three days, the one’s heart will be die. Owh, sleep now to get healthy body and mind to gain more new knowledge!

-Knowledge without action is just like a fruitless tree- Arabic proverbs
-Knowledge without action is just like car without steering- modified by Fadhil Hasanuddin (Abu Sofiyah).

Indera Mahkota Park,
23rd September 2010,
14th syawal 1431.

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