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Direct Sharing : Swing Perception on Diet

A meaningful 2 hours class with Assoc. Prof. Dr Nik Mazlan Mamat from kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences. With 126 powerpoint slides, it gaves negative mindset of fear to getting sleepy. A humble and enjoyable style of teaching from Prof. deny the first bad impression.

I just like share some important notes here as sharing is caring. :)

We start with Natural instinct. (I purposely take from the middle of notes because at the beginning mostly about scientific and evidence based knowledge). This just a simple and light sharing. :)

•Allah Ta’ala gives us the instinct of loving delicious foods and drinks.

‘O you who believe eat of the good things where with we have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is (indeed) He whom you worship.’ (Surah Al Baqarah: 172)

•Allah Ta’ala wants the best for us in regards to food, clothing, shelter, guidance etc.

•Human beings are divided into three categories in regard to natural instincts:

1.Those who acknowledged these natural instincts but are totally helpless in controlling them.
2.Those who discover their natural instincts and try to ignore some of them.
3.Us, the Muslims. We acknowledge our instincts and control them with the guidance of Qur’an and the Sunnah of Rasulullah

While, from Islamic perspectives...

•Nutritional practices of Rasulullah includes all three.

–for maintenance of health
–for the prevention of diseases
–as treatment for diseases

•A lot of emphasis was given to good practices that is preventive in nature.

•Rasulullah said, ‘The stomach is abode of disease.’ And he also said,
’…if the stomach is diseased, then the blood vessels end up becoming diseased as well.’
(This was transmitted by Abu Nu’aim)

Variety is the Spice of Life

‘It is he who brings forth all manners of plants: creepers and upright trees. The date palm and crops of different shape and taste (its fruits and its seeds) and olives, and pomegranates, similar (in kind) and different (in taste). Eat of their fruit when they bring fruit, and pay the Zakah thereof on the day of harvest and be not extravagant, verily He likes not the extravagance.’
(Surah Al-An’am:141).

Practice Moderation

•Rasulullah said, ‘The Tribe of Adam fill no container worse than the way they fill their own stomachs. Let the Tribe of Adam have a few mouthfuls to strengthen their loins. If possible, one third of the stomach is for food, one third for drink, and one third for one’s breath.
(This was transmitted by an-Nasai & at-Tirmidhi)

•Rasulullah said, ‘The believer puts food into one stomach, the unbeliever into seven.’

Wisdom will not enter a stomach stuffed with food. The less man eats, the less he drinks; and the less he drinks, the less he sleeps; and the less he sleeps, the more blessed will be his old age. The more a man eats, the more he drinks; and the more a man drinks, the heavier will he sleep; and whoever sleeps heavily, loses the blessings of old age.

Why Muslim have one stomach and non-muslim have 7 stomach? From practice we know we just have one stomach, even cow only have four stomach. How come Prophet said that unbelivers have put into 7 stomach?.

After I studied then I know that our stomach have seven section anatomically. Subhanallah. Then Muslim must take a food as needed, as advised by the prophet. We cannot fill up all the seven section of storage food which is from stomach until jejunum..

Healthy Diatery Practices

•Rasulullah said, ‘We are a people who do not eat unless we are hungry, and when we eat, we do not satisfy our hunger.’

•Rasulullah said, ‘Digest your food with the name of Allah and with a prayer. And do not go to sleep immediately after eating, for this this will make you constipated.’ (This was transmitted by Abu Nu’aim)

•Ibn Sina said, ‘Never have a meal until the one before it has been digested.’

•Rasulullah said, ‘Eat some supper, even if it is only a handful of dry bread, for going without evening meal makes you grow old.’
(This was transmitted by at-Tirmidhi)

•Jabir is reported to have said, ‘Never go without supper, even if it is only a handful of dates, for going without it ages the man.’
(This was transmitted by Ibn Maja)

Abu Fateh on class Medical Surgical Nursing 5,
10.30 am - 12.50 noon
13/1/2010, 25200 Kuantan.

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