Friday, November 13, 2009

I Like Brave Person!

I like brave person,
Who is not afraid of great difficulties.

He lives like fierce bird, independent,
he passes with a very strong intention.

I like brave person,
the one that helps truth like Umar al-Khattab radiallahu'anhu,
and protect weak person intentionally,
and depend upon obstacles.

I like brave person,
whose heart BELIEVE IN ALLAH,
and like HIS guidance,
and he does not bow his head
except for HIM (ALLAH).

*I like brave person and I want to be this brave person!
*Translated from one nasheed, from like-poem.

1 comment:

Raudhatul Nadwah said...

Thanks for this nasheed.
I hope can be a brave person too...

Masa Itu Nyawa