Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ward Orientation!

Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan.

Oh, I thought all of you are from kulliyyah of medicine. (maybe because we wear lab-coat went to the ward, then the Sister made a wrong assumption).

Ok, let me tell you about this ward. This is Kiambang 5C Ward, Surgical Male ward. You must who is in-charge in this ward.

Orait, this ward consist of five major focus treatment under surgical. Surgery, Dental, Urology, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat), and Neuro case.

Now, this ward will have 4 Sister incharge (all of them were newly pointed).

This ward now have 28 Staff Nurse (1 male), 3 Community Nurse. Consist of 40 beds (not including the external) usually external beds can reach 50-60 beds.. How crowded this ward you can imagine..

Usually one cubicle will have 6 beds. There is the isolation room and here is the barrier nursing room (Sister told me to find the between difference between isolation room and nursing barrier.. i found it just the same thing with different name. Or readers have any ideas?)

Here is the pantri, stor,toilet, treatment room, medication trolley, medication shelf and remember. All items you must bring it by yourself. From your university or your college. Gloves, surgical gloves, mask, gown, and a few equipment must already provided by your University. (Owh, how come..Oh, ok, i'll discuss with my instructor later)

Em , sister, my instructor told us that we cannot incharge on patient in acute cubicle because we don't fit yet to that cubicle. Em, is it ok?

OK, you as a Nurse, in nursing profession, you must always come forward. You cannot be rigid. Anything you still don't learn it yet, you just admit and tell that never learn it yet. Simple-simple procedure should not be a problem i think.

Always ask a question also. Why? why and why I should do this. Sharper your critical thinking.

Forward yourself! Don not escape.

Must learn something this ward. Always update your assignment.

p/s: One tips for you to be excell in knowing your patient.
-After passing report, round for one minutes to know the case of the patient. At least you must know the case! Then others will respect your when you know at least the case of your patient (indeed, this is the basic things usually mislook by most students)

*A briefing on 'ward orientation' by Sister Nuraishah.

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