Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Story of 'Excellence'

Brother, can you share with me your style of study while you were in undergraduate?

" I used to study at least 6 hours per day starting at the beginning of the sem. Not at the end of the sem like this "

Em, how and when?

" Previously I was in Uthman University in Nigeria. I stay outside. I have a group of study. I and my study partner used to study from 10.00pm until 4.00am. Everyday I study like this, because our lecturers is very strict, so I just study and study. And just one subject I got 'B'. All others are A's for the undergraduate study. "

So, if you are in last week for the final, how did you prepare usually?

" Oh, if it was the last moment. Just study like crazy. I just stop for prayer and eat. Other time just for study. Study and study. Think about rest? Just rest after the exam brother. "

Ok, thank you. Pray for me too brother.

* The best student when undergraduate is my friends, Brother Abdul Rashid. Master students on chemical pharmacy.

My final exam schedule :

30/10/2009 = Tahfiz (Syafawi Exam) (CCTH)
3/11/2009 = Medical Surgical Nursing 1 (MSN 1)
4/11/2009 = Bahasa Melayu Untuk Kerjaya (BM)
5/11/2009 = Medical Surgical Nursing 2 (MSN 2)
= Health Management (AHS 1023)
7/11/2009 = Ethics and Fiqh for daily live (UNGS 2050)
10/11/2009 = Objective Structured Physical Examination (OSPE)
13/11/2009 = Medical Surgical Nursing 3 (MSN 3)

* " Saat kekalahan bermula bila engkau merasa lemah dalam perjuangan, saat kemenangan bermula bila engkau mula melawan rasa lemah tersebut.." - Syed Qutb.

* S.B.O can reduce our tension on final exam. What is S.B.O?

It is study by objective. Reset our objective, divide it into small group of target, then go through it one by one.

Good luck everyone for your final examination.
Good luck Kelantan team. 'Red Warriors'. May Kelantan reach the final also.
Good luck Islamic Society. May ALLAH ease the way to strengthen the Ummah, May ALLAH show and lead the best to the Islamic movement.
Towards Islamic Revivalization!


Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

alhamdulillah, khalas imtihan syafawi. Em, 1 markah menghampiri mumtaz...

Usaha lagi, subjek lain kena mumtaz sedaya mampu!!

Mr W. A. A. said...

ganbatte kudaisai ne, Nudin kangoshi-san! boku mo ishhou ni, onegai shitte miru kara. mo chotto, gaman ne? tano mu yo! dewa, itsureshimasu.

iNtuisiiNsurgeNsi said...


Masa Itu Nyawa