Monday, October 19, 2009

A Smile From Heart

A Smile From Heart

5 months non-work for clinical taught me to improve my skill (even I have no time to practice all the procedure), at least the knowledge I gained and grab can hold me confident.

First day in clinical posting for the first semester in second year. I never went to the ward with this type of feel. I feel good. Starting from riding my motorbike, when I see the gate of hospital, I smile spontaneously. Wow, I can guess what type of feel is this. I have felt it before when I was in Hulu Selangor, and also every time I entering the IIUM Kuantan campus in Indera Mahkota campus.

Today, nothing special except I recognize something different in HTAA setting. The management of hospital starts their work with reciting the du’a using hospital sound system. A beautiful dua’. Nice and easy for Muslim and non-Muslim to understand the du’a with the translation recited.

Previously I just experienced this nice environment in HUSM Kubang Kerian when I was a patient stay in bed for hernioplasty for inguinal hernia treatment. And also when I look after for my mum in the same hospital.

I asked one final year medical student that I know quite well, known as ‘Kak Wahid’ , “When they start this du’a recitation?” “Oh, they just continue this ritual from Ramadan.” Oh, I hope this step can encourage many more good deeds in Pahang society that I feel they are very thirst on meaning of life. The right way of life, al-Islam.

Second interesting I got today is the happy bangle cleaner that always sing a lot of song when he is working. Sometimes sound like he is recite the quranic recitation, sometimes like nashid, but the thing is I don’t understand his song. All are in Urdu’s or Bangladesh language. I am ignorant in that language. What I understand was just when he recite the Quranic recitation in a happy tone.

Feel so embarrassed when an old Chinese man (one of my patient) can speak Bangladesh language fluently. English, Chinese and Malay language just the normal thing if he can speak it very well. I need to restrengthen my target on languages empowerment.

Moral lesson:
1) Start our day with a du’a and hope to ALLAH.

2) Be happy and calm with whatever destiny ALLAH’s stated for us. That’s why ALLAH sees not for our job or our smartness. ALLAH looks just for the ‘qalbun salim’.

3) Meaning of life is so wide and open to all regardless our profession. Just we deny grabbing the Meaning of life in front of ours because of our skeptics, ignorance, generation-centered, and close minded mind. Islam is the way of life. The eternal truth about meaning of life.

Can we clean this stuffs happily? Analyze our spirit honestly


riaizzatirazali said...

when will u guys be posted to hoshas temerloh? they have started reciting doa since the hosp was open to public i guess? hoshas environment is much much more relaxing, and less stress, thats why we prefer to do our management in hoshas rather than htaa.

but whatever it is, try to look on the positive side. wherever we are, either posted there or will soon be working, try to accept people as the way they are and yg baik jadikan teladan, yg buruk jadikan sempadan.

rs posting management ni la yg byk mendidik kitorang, sama ada semakin kuat, atau x mampu utk terus berada di bidang nus ini..

hrp adik2 jr dpt memanfaatkan setiap kali clonical posting bcos trust me, bila dah nak abes blaja ni la ramai antara kitorang yg menyesal x buat elok2 dl..

sekadar berkongsi ye adik nuruddin. wassalam ;)

Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

thanks a lot kak ria izzati. =)

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