Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Hectic Day! What is OGDS? Bangladesh again?

Start early morning.

Got stomachache, 3 times went to toilet.
Bed making procedure.
Clear urinary drainage.

Know my patient.
Recognize all diagnosis for my patient;
1) Supraorbital laceration and right skin intraorbital laceration.
2) Post Turp for BPH E/A for TWOC
3) Pyuria TRO urosepsis 'c' neurogenic bladder
4) All motorbike skidded with right second to fourth ribs fractured
5) MVA with d/ard radius ulna
6) Alleged MVA
7) Iliopsis abscess + liver abscess
Du'a recitation.
Find on Turp.

Perinea care.
Assist on dressing. * Takes a lot of time because patient is very heavy.

ECG assists.
ECG did procedure until chart on ECG mounting. (*ECG = Electrocardiograph)

ECG did procedure.
Assist in perinea care.

Send patient to Operation Theater (OT) on dental case.
Send patient to OT on alleged assaulted to ear paralysis
Bring patient from OT to ward, on tonsillectomy.

ECG again...
Change oxygen tank.
Bring oxygen case to Tanjung 4C.
Zohor prayer.

Finish my documentation.
Totally exhausted. No time to take rest at all, but I like this tough situation

Other than all procedure, I got to know a few word about bangles language. A light talk while working with a cheerful cleaner from Bangladesh.

Kemunasin = How are you?
Baluasi = I'm fine.

Batkaisin = Have you eat?
Kaisi = yes, I have eat.
Kainai = no, I’m not yet.

Before I go back, one of my friends from medical student ask me. “Do you know what OGDS is? "? "Oh, sorry I also don't know about that". Then I rushed to ask staff nurse what is OGDS. Actually it just a scope procedure. Simple to guess actually.

OGDS = Orogastroduedenom scope... Happy to know new terms and new language. Very happy if I can share a bit what I know to get rid off ignorance from our race, from our Muslim Ummah. Then, my friends already know it by asking others also.

A hectic day. Need to rest.


taksuke kucingatal (^^) said...

cleaner bangla tu nama Mostafa kan? sokmo nyanyi lagu hindustan. annoying btol bila suruh dia slow sket sbb takut ganggu pt tpi dia boleh dok loyar buruk plak heh

Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

a'a. Sehari beberapa perkataan ayat bangladesh blh dipelajari dari dia. Em, bangladesh guna bahasa urdu ke bahasa bangladesh?

taksuke kucingatal (^^) said...

haha tanya dia sndiri laa abg din jr. weh

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