Thursday, October 8, 2009


I never thought to write in english yet since I know my English is not that good yet. I try to improve, wait until I confident with my language. But then I forgot that the biggest room in the world is the room of improvement, until I went to Annual General Meeting of Sciences Student Society.

Phew..they kick me up!

I feel so great to have an ex-classmate like previous President of SCIENCESS, Brother Izzuddin Hj Ahmad Nadzirin. Just a tributes I like hands on to all sciencess members.

Things I salute on sciencess AGM.

1) Congratulation to Izzuddin who gives his best and show who he is actually.
2) All previous committees go out, give speech as they want, wholeheartedly, sincerely.
3) Most of them can speak English well
4) They have strength to lead.
5) They are humble
6) They make their members elated proud.
7) They are unique.
8) Lot's of thing I should learn from them in management and diligency.
9) Their words were very touchy.
10)They done their work very well.

I very proud of them! Hope all kulliyyah base society in International Islamic University can make them as an example.

Then, when it comes on election commission announcement is also interesting. Fair. Just. Integrity. Transparent. I like this culture of life!

NurSS and MRC can make a difference hopefully.

Well my friends, let's bring our own society , our own community to be a unique, a new community to a new level of QUALITY!

We can make it!

Zenki 44,
25200 Kuantan.


Nurul Asyikin Abdul Razak said...

Jom...together we make an improvement in NurSS!...hu3 a lot of things in my trouble. cabaran yang besar. 3 years in NurSS,this tenure gave new challenges. New experiences. Hope Allah give a strength and determination+kesabaran to face the 'situation'.

Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

let's walk the talk

Khaulah Azwar said...

Nta g AGM SCIENCESS ke hari tu?
Km pun msh dlm improvement, the EC's members try to make little bit different in our recent election. Hope the result will satisfiy all members.
Thank you for your support!
Let leads the way! =)

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