Wednesday, October 21, 2009

376! 376 lah! Oh Sorry..

chest tube care is my focus for today...

Second day in ward 5C. A hectic day. A pack ward. Pack with 50 patients, 40 nurse students, 14 staff nurses, 6 housemen, and a lot of specialist doctors to assess third year medical student on clinical examination.

New days, new patients, new diagnosis and new things I learned. Today just to share a little bit on tips how to be excelled and calm in any condition in ward.

First, be confident on what you know, and be humble to admit the things we do not know yet. Ask for explanation. Always be around on passing report time. *At least must know what patient’s diagnosis is. Check for patient’s vital signs.

How to make a nursing diagnosis as simple as ABC?
The formula is also as simple as ABC because the main observation that all healthcare worker must to emphasize is on ABC itself.

A = Airway patency
B = Breathing pattern
C = Circulation

These three things are the basic things on how we can make a diagnosis to the patient. As teach by Sister Azizah to me, nursing diagnosis must be considered on patient’s current condition.

By the way, I saw one patient on hands-cuff. Oh, then I asked the prisoner officer why he’s in cuff? The officer shouts to me… 376! “I beg your pardon sorry, what 376?”... “376 lah. You don’t know? Oh you are a new student. 376 is the section for rapist case. Oh, I learned a bit about law today. The patient look innocent, but the case is…oh, how come this world can be like this.

Moral lessons:

1) To all sisters, beware with any strangers especially male strangers. Do not easily cheat by nice and kind-hearted looking good guy.
2) Watch your aurah. Preserve your dignity just for your husband. Don’t sell it cheaply to all man outsiders.
3) To all youth men, fear ALLAH! Getting married if you are able. If not, just keep fasting and lower your gaze from others.
4) Keep looking for knowledge until the last breath.

I got assignment on hemothorax. Wow, a revision for medical Surgical Nursing 3. Really need to master on this chest tube care and management.

Patient having hemothorax. What is hemothorax? :?


Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

from sister rubya..

Thanks for the warning and moral lesson for Male & Female especially Muslims.

These days, the Muslim ladies like to wear clothes one or two sizes smaller than their own sizes. Even with Tudungs, tight jeans and very short and tight T-shirts, sleeveless or exposing the neck. When wearing Malay custumes of very thin material or laces, no lining or proper decent under-clothings were donned. This is also immoral, and could invite unnecessary actions from male whose Iman is weak as 376.

Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

dari minda penulis... Mungkin dia yang merogol benar2 bersalah, mungkin dia sudah bertaubat. Harapnya begitu.

Mungkin juga dia tidak bersalah, tapi dikambinghitamkan, mungkin juga dia tidak bersalah tapi dipersalahkan. Begitu banyak kemungkinan dalam dunia yang begitu sempit dan kelam ini..

Aduhai duhai diri. Renung2kan diri sendiri sedalam2 nya sebelum menghukum suasana sekeliling.

Jaga diri.

paling penting ...jaga ALLAH (hak2Nya)!

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