Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to IIUM Main Campus (Gombak and Kuantan)

Salam al-Kelantani, 19 Rejab 1430 H, 12 Julai 2009

Hope not too late for me to welcome all new students of IIUM for this July intake 2009/2010.

Welcome to International Islamic University Malaysia, the garden knowledge and virtue. Especially to sciences and medical bases in Kuantan Campus, welcome to a big family of IIUM Kuantan Campus.

Just a simple sharing about something special i got from Tn Hj Azmi Ismail.

It is a three principle that he got from CEO of LLN, (TNB).

a DID principle.

D= Discipline
I= Integrity
D= Dedicated

Discipline especially in time management. Stick to the time.

Integrity can be trust. Finish work on time.

Dedicated which means to keep focus and do something diligently.

Last but not least is a hope that new siblings of IIUM Kuantan will love to read books. Why read books not to watch film? Because, watching film will only give one perspective that already picture squared by producer.

Meanwhile, by reading books everyone will have their own perspective. This is the uniqueness of reading.

Hope you will enjoy in this garden of knowledge and virtue.
Try not to be an insect that bring virus for this lovely garden.

Welcome again.

Abu Fateh
Indera Mahkota,


RiJAluDDin said...

salam, shbt2 new intake dr main campus gombak xse wish etek ko?

Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

Istimewa buat Kuantan. :) Tak dilupakan buat teman-teman di Gombak. :)

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