Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They Used to Write..

She used to tell me
"I miss your journal.."

They used to teach me (a motivational book)
"write, then the history will love you.."

I used to tell her
"please don't stop. Use your ability for the sake of goodness.."

Ustaz Hasrizal used to remind me
" akhi, just write.. don't stop.."

Ustaz Redha used to tell me
" akhi, everything starts from basic thing..what type of naqib you want to get?"

Abe Amin Idris used to asked me
"Din, check your basic principle. Make it simple and stick to it. Just that"

Kak AC used to tell me
"keep it up"

Syazwan Ma'amin used to tell me
"we write the thing that we did..not just just an act, but we ourself must be beyond the level of what we write”

Syamil used to tell me
"not istiqamah..that's why I fear to blog"

I always tell my hand..
(ya Nur..write from heart, with your heart, and show that your heart is parallel with your deed..)

May ALLAH bless us.

Miss nice writing from my colleagues..

Abu Fateh
IIUM Jalan Hospital Campus

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