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Career Conflict; Do We?

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Al-Kelantani greet, 17 Rejab 1430 H, 10 Julai 2009

Alhamdulillah, just finished Taaruf Programme July intake 2009/2010

A bit from my conversation with IIUM’s cleaner during hanging flyers on solat and reading Quran campaign in Mahallat Talhah, Indera Mahkota 2

With a Cleaner

“son, why these students care not about theirs belonging?”

"Em, what’s the matter aunt?"

"Nothing, I just guess why, because all of their stuffs, clothes and electrical items is still new. But seems like useless and they don’t need it anymore.”

"I just remember about my childhood. Poverty is all around us. Even to have a new cloth in a year is very difficult. But, nowadays people not even appreciate their own"

“Em, these students never been in poverty. Maybe they never meet what others people in poor condition feel.”
I tried to comfort this aunt with empathy.

“It’s ok. I just quite sad because the clothes is still new, but they already make it rag and left behind without care”

“People in comfort zone, might be their parents also never taught them how to manage their items wisely. They got scholarships, but rarely use it in a proper way and to help a needy.”

My experience

People keep asking me, “why don’t take medic? Why you still want nursing? Why don’t take IRK? (Islamic Revealed Knowledge). You look suit to be an ustaz. Why, why and why?

I answered all those question with just a smile, to make they think again and again about their question

Toilet Cleaner and University Students

“Hish!! What?? What are you looking at? You know that stuff in toilet is still smelly? “

This words usually comes from people that so called a ‘brainy’ student. They just throw these harsh sentences without thinking about others heart.

Never have they thought that aunt (toilet cleaner) they scolded is also a mother for a son, a wife for a husband, and also a daughter for their parents.

Just take a piece of empathy, and then they will learn a price of dignity.

Selfishness, Exam Oriented a Gate to Dull Environment

Indeed, a system and style of learning played a big role in creating a personality. Frankly said, the current system just can produce a good and the BEST students on paper, not in a real world, the real field of life.

Above statements is not just a rumor or a wild accusation. Read daily newspaper then you will spot how wrecked our student’s attitude and performance in their life.

Undeniable that our learning system also producing a good leader and noble people from years to years. But, what is the percentage for those who enter university comparatively with those who enter rehabilitation center because of misconduct and misbehavior in our country.

Is it because of our current learning system that running nowadays? Or, is it totally blamed on parents? Or teachers that fail to teach their students to behave?

Everything starts from basic things and basic colony. A family. But family also mostly depends on their governments to shape their children. Because the primary and secondary school system is under control of the government.

Government also creates and determined the environment and culture of each country. This will influence human development and children growth.

Why? Because everything taught by parents (a good manner and attitude) since child, will be ruin by a dreadful image and example given by mass media and government learning systems nowadays.

Reason for this statements is that, we can see how lack our learning system that can be determined by only a minister to change every principle without take any consideration from educational members.

You become a minister, and then you make amendments. Amendments without studies and serious looking forward that eventually trapped our own races. Seems to help Malaysians, but at the same time make havoc and chaos for future generations.

That’s the reason why selfishness in conducting any ministry or department will eventually show their own weakness and bring our race and religion one step backward from development and triumph.

Everything tested only by examination. Every parent only pursue for their children’s A in examination. Not for their children’s devote attitude in every aspect. This scenario also lead to produce a human robotic that only know how to understand, memorize, express answers based on question without practicality and know how to solve related problem.

Enjoy the Career

How to enjoy? Is it worst to work as a garbage collector compared to be a government officer? Is it compulsory to be CEO only to enjoy the career? How about a nurse or a doctor that work wearily everyday to take care of patient, do they enjoy?

How about a teacher that always needs to think about our next generation to be taught and handle, do they enjoy facing naughty and chilling student produced by our mass media nowadays? Or, we just left this question to parents that obligate to educate their children?

If we still think that only by being an elite worker like doctor, nurses, lecturers, ministers, engineers, lawyers, then we are professional?

If stated mind-setting still hardly stick in our mind, then we need to start everything from zero again. Start from zero mind process. Change our way of think, create a new frame of thinking for a clear crystal look towards hereafter.

Think from Hereafter box. Think not from CNN or BBC or only Bernama sources. They provide a lot of ‘created’ news to lie to all over the world.

Still wondering when will come the time that all health care workers from every type of people can sit together regardless what rank or job they did in hospital. Or I need to go to Palestin with my Muslim brothers to feel this true sweetness of ukhuwah? (Only in war condition people care not about their rank)

The Best Career?

What a beautiful life if every parents in Malaysia can open their mind for the goodness of their children. Sure there will be a lot of scientists and thinkers can be produce to develop our country to the best developments. Unfortunately, close-minded and lack of reading just produce a lot of parents that only know and want their children just to be a doctor.

If more people give a freedom for their children to choose their interest, then we might have a lot of Nik Nur Madihah. Hers father just guide her to be a good and better human being. But, for the career, it’s up to her to determine hers. Her mothers that only work as a ‘tukang sapu’ previously also can shape an excellent daughter from all aspect. Is it just a rich and so called educated person can change this world? (Book referred: Catatan Hati Nik Nur Madihah)

I leave this entry with a question.

Can we confirm that we have a value in front of HIM with our current condition…?

Abu Fateh
Indera Mahkota,

(English version. Adaptation from previous Malay entry; Antara Bakal Profesional, Doktor dan Penyapu Sampah; Masih Adakah Cinta?)

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Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

Are U Nurudin?

I really enjoy, the conversation with the cleaner aunt, and below.
We have forgotton our duty, as students, teachers and parents.
As for toilets, I saw with my own eyes, medical doctor and nurse lecturer came out of toilet not flushing with the shit left, I can't stand, after flushing brought up in meetings, I was treated like insane.
I still keep on putting the hose into the flush tanks every Monday morning, and taught my students doing the same. By the Grace of Allah, since last semeter, I do not need to flush of others in our floor. It took me 2 years to make such simple action correct in an Islamic University inside the Muslim country.

We only blame, reponsibilities like with others. Hope you are the younger generation would be able to change such practice.
I just came out from a Lecture by Prof. Kamal Hassan. Shall scan his lecture to be circulated to all. Also on the same topic. The responsibilities of our Muslims as teachers in University.

Keep up.

Masa Itu Nyawa