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Tawaf and Anticlockwise of Universe

Salam al-Kelantani, 24 Jamadil awal 1430 H, 20 Mei 2009
"Assalamualaikum Prof. can you restory again to me about the Kaabah and analogy to the cell?"...Oh, oh you interested with it ya? Ok, come on here...."
People encircling the Kaabah anti clockwisely

"Kaabah, from the time of prophet Ibrahim until now is always busy with people come to pilgrimage and tawaf around it...."

Animal cell structure ; an analogy

My dear Dean, Profesor Kamaruzzaman Wan Su (picture just taken when he give speech on one of Mahallah Maimunah's activities)

" when I was in the third floor of Masjidil haram, I can see how the greatness of ALLAH. I compare the movement of human rounding the Kaabah (tawaf)...Subhanallah, it is totally what is happen in all over the universe. Even in the movement of electron rounding the cell anti clockwisely, it is the same with the movement of our universe that circling in anti clockwise direction. How moon round the earth anti clockwisely, how our earth encircling the sun in the anti clockwise direction...Again Subhanallah, this show the truth of Islam that was fitrah (nature) for all human being. That's was true based on my reading and finding that Kaabah is the center of the world. Everything in this universe move the same direction a Hajj does "...Here I don't understand if people keep close their from the truth of Islam. Everything must go in fitrah (nature) for the goodness of whole mankind.

The movement of electron round the cell anticlockwise

Sperm is slowly round anticlockwise before entering the egg .. ALLAHUAKBAR!

"the second thing is that, if there is anyone is going to go against the anticlockwise circle of tawaf around Kaabah , then he will automatically being crash, push out from thousand and million of people round the Kaabah anticlockwise. Here, what we can say if there anyone who is doing anything against fitrah will be punish, fail, rejected and thrown out from the real path. The consequence is fatal.."

The movement of earth is also on anticlockwise rotation ..Subhanallah..

Just a picture of electron clock.. think thousands

"and the last thing, I saw there is a group of cleaner in the thousand of people that make a ring circle also move in the same direction cleaning around the Kaabah. This is very clear and same just like what happen in our cell. There are vacuole in our cell that work to clean and clear any dead particles. The vacuole round the nucleus anticlockwise same exactly what I have saw in Masjidilharam. Subhanallah...."

The movement of vacuole in the cell is anti clockwise, subhanallah..

is it anticlockwise or clockwise?

Additional information from internet
1) 1913, Bohr speculated that electrons orbit around the atomic nucleus just as planets circle around the Sun.
He suggested that the electron orbits were at a fixed distance from the nucleus and had a definite energy.
The electron was said to travel in a fixed-energy orbit that was referred to as an energy level.

2) Circumambulation around Mekka
A Muslim, when circumambulating around Mekka , should start from where the black Stone is, his motion should be anticlockwise, it is noteworthy that everything in the universe from atoms to galaxies moves anticlockwise. Everything in this universe move the same direction a Hajj does.
Electrons in atoms move around the nucleus anticlockwise.
The earth platelets moves around the Arabian platelet anticlockwise .
In the human body ,the cytoplasm moves around the nucleus of a cell anticlockwise.
The proteins molecules are arranged from left to the right anticlockwise.
The blood starts its movement from the left side to the right side anticlockwise.
In mothers uterus , the ovum moves around itself anticlockwise.
The sperm, when reaching the ovum, moves around itself anticlockwise.
The human blood circulatory starts its movement anticlockwise.
The earth moves around itself and around the sun anticlockwise.
The sun moves around itself anticlockwise.
The sun with all its solar system moves around a certain point in the galaxy anticlockwise.
The galaxy also moves around itself anticlockwise.

Abu Fateh,
Indera Mahkota

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