Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4th Day, Clinical Posting : Heart Accident!

“ Ahh, bisinglah Emak nih! (Argh.. mum, you’re so annoying!). I just see from distance. The scene of ‘faith-break’. It was Orchid 8B (Medical Male Ward). Still in HTAA. It was in the early morning when all nurses busy with basic care to patients and passing report on shift changing.

More on infection control when handling the patient on PTB (tuberculosis patient) and IVDU (intravenous drug user) diagnose. Still in orientation mood as i’m new in this ward. Adopted with different ward-mate, different staff-nurse, different attendent, different medication on charts, and totally different types of patient behaviour.

I choose the high risk cubicle with patients having PTB and IVDU. “Heh, tak reti ke orang tua ni??!! (Hey, don’t you understand old women??!!). Again, from the same bed the shout come. Pity, I have no time to approach the patient. It’s very rude in common sense to call your mother like that. It is much more difficult to deal with dead heart like this rather than to deal with the dead body....

In Islamic manner, even to refuse or rising voice to the parents as example to say “uhh..” already considered as mutinous act. Again my heart broke to witness the agony and moral ruined of my fellow Muslim nowadays. It makes me feel more keen to find ‘love’ in hospital.

A lot of things must be rectifying. Start from myself, my family, my friends, my state, my country and all the mankind. Key point and main medication for disease of the Ummah is “Back to Quran and Sunnah” Everything is there. Just we as human being keep close our heart, sight and hearing from the real truth in front of us.

What a pity ‘race’ to involve in heart accident and poisonous infection of nationalisme, secularisme, liberalisme, materialisme, capitalisme, and hedonisme. We throw our true identity (ISLAM) that was essence of our honour, simultaneously we put ourself into hell of Jahannam if keep attach with all of these human-created system.

Believe it or not? Ask your healthy faith heart, not your injured heart that corrupted by evil and desire!

5.00pm / 6 May 2009
Abu Talhah,
Jalan Hospital Campus.


AfiSya said...

very rude org itu..tak bersyukur lagi kah ada org nak jaga..nampak kamu update blog semalam..bagus2!

Mohd Nuruddin bin Mohamed said...

---my Advisor said---

Dear Nurrudin

Lets see both sides of the coin.

1 I agree, that Muslims should not do this, especially a daughter or son speaking to parents, also Muslim nurses cannot speak in such a way to junior colleagues or patients. Therefore, if we have time see the cause of such behavior, and role-model and speak nicely to the mother and offer help.

2) The other side of the coin, may be if daughter or son, they were in stress - and anger is a defensive mechanism, even sometimes, we Muslims cannot help from blowing our heads off. Therefore, try to know the patient and their kins, holistic care including caring of stressed relatives with counseling and support.

Nurses like us see and learn a lot through these types of experience that we cannot get in books or purchase from courses.

I love your reflection. Also send my to reply to share with your colleagues.

Rubbya Hassan

TintaLuhur said...

its da current situation din, i saw a lot of cases like dat, but we still cant judge their action totally wrong..juz like your advisor said, maybe they in stress dat moment but somehow dat reason cant be a point to behave dat way to our parents.

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