Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3rd Day, Clinical Posting : Son, Love Your Adolescence..

“When I was same age as you, I worked at harbour. From morning until night. I took dinner haphazardly. Coca cola every night. Dinner at 9, sometimes 10, 12 am, even sometimes at early morning at 2 or 3 am. That’s why I got this disease (Diabetic foot). You can see my leg now? See, it malfunction and become gangrene slowly. One day it might be amputate."
Oh no, i won't to be like these...
Ready for amputation procedure....
After amputation...
After dressing and bandaging...

That my last day at Kiambang 5B, HTAA. The moment just make me think thousand on my daily meal. Start a day with teh tarik, nasi lemak. Lunch with nasi ayam, ABC (Air Batu Campur), or CPT (Cendol Pulut Tapai) or Horlick… Dinner with nasi goreng plus radix coffee or indocaffe. Oh, full with sweet and sugar. Arrengements and amendments must be made for my brighter future.

I have no strength from outside in for this alteration. But the Prophet (Pbuh) said : “ The best matter@ thing is the middle one”. The best deeds love by ALLAH is the sustain one (Istiqamah), although it is just a drop..

Abu Talhah,
Indera Mahkota.

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Mohd Nuruddin bin Mohamed said...

--few word from mentor--my DDSA

Very good, keep it up. Read on Diabetes Mellitus, how many types. What is the type that is caused by unhealthy diet now the Malaysians love. How to educate ourselves and the public to prevent the occurence of what your photos showed.

Very important, start from self, our family members, our cronies who are over-weight, and then the public. Also remember to give therapeutic ommunication to patients and their family on this aspect. Therapeutic touch to the patients who requires.

Copy what you've written and shown me into words file to keep for your future research project.


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