Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2nd Day Clinical Posting : Be Patient

‘Bad habit die hard’. Late awake at morning already being solved. But the new problem today onwards is sleep after subuh. Consequitively three days I’m struggling to face it. Maybe because of evening shift, it makes me feel empty at the morning and that make all the things..sleep after subuh. Must fight this bad habit before it burn all my gold moment at the morning.

Today is not that interesting day in my ward. Almost 2 hours I sat outside the diagnostic room waiting for my patient to finish ultra-sound examination. Finish the ultra-sound test, I need to bring my patient to CT-scan test because doctor suspected the patient having the internal injury. At the beginning it quite bored for waiting and keep waiting without anything to be done. So I start to make some reflection on my day in ward.

Pity for my patient, from rib fractured, he then confirmed by specialist to have spleenic and kidney damage. It’s the sad moment to see his mum’s crying in front of me.

The moral lesson I got today is to be patient in whatever happen although I got slap on my examination result today. If I feel bad on my condition or my failure or what so ever, it is still not that bad to be lying in ward without any help from relative. In any condition, I have no right to complain. Just always keep saying alhamdulillah because ALLAH still keep Iman in my heart.

The matter is not what happened to us, buat how we perceive and manage the things? Although I got problem until disturbing my sleep, but when the new day comes I try to reflecting on myself by writing and reciting the Quran…hence release my tense. How about others?

Abu Talhah,
Indera Mahkota.


NURUL said...

a good reflection...
congratulations din..
we can learn more from our patients...
because they sick as an 'ujian' to others including us...,not for themselves only...

our patients are 'our teachers of life'.some sort of learning that we never got in our classroom

membuka pintu hati mana2 insan yang terpilih..

how about ur exam?
don't worry...
everything...success and failure, both
are "anugerah" and also "ujian"...
agree with me or not?

Mr W. A. A. said...

abu talhah? talhah is your son? u secretly married?

Mohd Nuruddin bin Mohamed said...

Koreksi telaga budi. Ramai tak sedar bila diberi kejayaan. Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal

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