Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1st Day, Clinical Posting : Keep Exploring

Yesterday, 27/4/2009. Long time no see the patient, a lot of thing just like to diminished from my mind. Felt like a vacant cup. Nothing much I did prepare for clinical posting this time. Again at Kiambang 5B, Orthopaedic Male ward, at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan Pahang. A lot of new things I will face from day to day at this ‘tough’ ward.

If before, I being scolded on wrongly answered the question asked by staff nurse on basic anatomy (actually, the answers is correct, but it being wrongly understood by staff nurse..huhu), today again our group got one dose advise on the way of work. Same sentence, again and again “’re degree nurses, how can’t you do this??... “ Again and again I reply with smile :) and ask for lesson. (Actually, I’m year one student, have not reach the competency as required to incharge on acute patient, especially with scar traction on head).

Although being scolded is bitter at the beginning, but it is the best medication for ignorance. A lot of Islamic scholar talk about the moral of being students. One, must be humble everytime and must be prepared mentally to be at the lowest position as we are know nothing. But, when we increase our knowledge, we will be honoured automatically. Our value is not evaluated on the size of our body, not on our face (smart or ugly), not our prosperities, but on our Iman and the way we use our mind. So, keep on exploring and escalating our faith to ALLAH and the potential of our brain. That’s make us EXPENSIVE in the eye of HIM.

Abu Talhah,
Indera Mahkota


Mohd Nuruddin bin Mohamed said...
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Mohd Nuruddin bin Mohamed said...

--A comment from Advisor--

Very good journalling in reflecting in Islam and personal experience. Keep on.

1. Being again and again reminded you are a degree students is a good sign that they accept us should be better. We must proof by knowledge and skills in holistic manner while handling patients.

2. You jounalling can now reflect why you are not as prepared as before to face the world out there, worried about exam result. this can be dangerous. Therefore, always pray to Allah to keep you calm, alert and knowledgeable because we handle the most precious creations of Allah that is Lifes.

3. My advice first revise all subjects taught in 1st & 2nd Semester including A/P, sociology, 1212, 1222 and all Nursing Modules, see how you can understand and apply to the clients. Then also read Principles of Medicine or medical, surgical and orthopaedic knowledge apart from Medical-Surgical Nursing Books of your interests of cases you meet everyday, they ponder, and think how you can give good nursing care with evidence base to clients to reduce their suffering, shortening the stay in hospital and encourage them to early return to society in a holistic manner.

Good Work.
Thanks for the reminder in Islam

--- Let's journalling, it's nice---

maria_adam said...

'One, must be humble everytime and must be prepared mentally to be at the lowest position as we are know nothing. But, when we increase our knowledge, we will be honoured automatically.'

i like this phrase =)
everything shud begin from bottom to top. strengthen the base 1st. unlike my kulliyah motto.. 'we are the pioneer but we start from annoying!' masyaAllah..

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